Graduate School

There is the Toyooka Geo & Konotori Campus, University of Hyogo, inside the Hyogo Park of the Oriental White, where Graduate School of Regional Resource Management is established. The research program centers on three academic fields: Earth sciences, ecology, and humanities and social sciences. While having different time scales, these fields share a regional history along a vertical axis. Henceforth, they will share a regional society along a spatial horizontal axis with relationships between the region’s nature, society and culture in multiple layers organically. In other words, it will embark on high-level education related to man and nature. The open campus publicizes the education, research and postgraduate curriculums. For details, see the Graduate School’s website.

What are regional resources?

Although the Oriental white stork and San’in Kaigan Geopark were “natural resources” from the start, today we also recognize them to be very important social and cultural resources. It is because they have a long history of perpetuation, use, and preservation, and their connection to the local region’s nature, society, and culture have been scientifically understood. We can surmise that regional resources that substantiate local history exist everywhere in Japan. Our research program’s management activities strive for the wise use of regional resources to help develop the local community.