Significance of Reintroduction

The Oriental white stork (Ciconia boyciana) is a large carnivorous bird found only in the Far East. In the wetlands, it is at the apex of the food chain and a native species of Japan. Even while having an intermittent genetic mixture from the continent, the storks developed among themselves in Japan.
Reintroducing this species that became extinct in Japan is very significant and a major goal for restoring a vigorous ecological system. We aim to revive this Japan-native species, especially in the Tajima region where it originally lived until a relatively recent period. The success of this stork reintroduction can lead to the reintroduction of other extinct species to revive local wildlife populations and resuscitate the local ecosystem into a healthy one. It can provide hope for sustainable management of local ecosystems in and outside Japan.
With Toyooka’s Oriental white stork serving as an example, reviving local wildlife populations is the true meaning of restoring wildlife diversity. Wildlife have developed within regional wildlife populations. Proof of this and desirable environmental targets can only be drawn from the region’s history.