About the Captive

Captive Breeding Information

Table: Captive Breeding information (As of April 14th, 2017)

Pair Name
Male parent x Female parent
Cage Location
Incubating Fostering Incubator Infertile Eggs Canceled Eggs Broken Eggs Subtotal (Eggs) Nestings Chick Raising RoomChicks Fledgling Remarks
V Pair J146 [Brown-white]×J168 [Purple]
Breeding Center Cage 7
3 3
AK Pair J419 [White-blue and Yellow-green]×J261[Red and Yellow-white]
Hyogo Park Breeding Cage 7
AO Pair J366 [Red and Green-Green]×J253 [White and Red]
Breeding Center Cage 5
AR Pair J395 [Green and Green]×J289 [Red and Yellow-white-green]
Hyogo Park Breeding Cage 5
AT Pair J409 [Green and Red]×J412 [Green and Orange]
Hyogo Park Breeding Cage 1
W Pair J305 [Red and White-blue]×J273 [Red and Blue]
Miho Release Base
Total 3 3