Progress of Stork-reintroduction during the First Decade

Progress of Stork-reintroduction during the First Decade Reintroduction of the stork was started in 2005 and the Japanese population is recovering in Tajima District, northern area of Hyogo Prefecture. The storks fly all over Japan now, and some of them flew over Japan Sea arriving at Korean Peninsula in 2014. The stork-reintroduction project is spreading not only to all over Japan but also to overseas.

Storks in the Wild

Information on wild storks is available at this site.

Storks in Captivity

Information on captive storks reared in HPOWS is available at this site.

Science of the Stork

Information on science of the stork is available at this site.

Graduate School of Regional Resource Management, University of Hyogo

A graduate school for education/study of the regional resources (e.g. storks and the geo-park) exists within the estate of the HPOWS.

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For Visitors

There is an open-air cage without roof where you can enjoy watching captive storks from a close distance. You can see wild storks flying freely around the park, also. Admission free. Attention to the closing day of the park.

Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork
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